I don’t think a collaborative agreement with Russia to control Syrian airspace and remove the…
A Voiceless Nation

Hello, of course! If Russia agrees with the US they won’t go to war with the US. Are you dense? But it would be an act of war against Syria, that was the point made all along.

And I’m sick and tired of hearing this “oh but we have to do something, he’s killing his own people!” Well the US has been killing millions all over the world with impunity since WW2. It’s shown again and again it does not care about civilian casualties no matter what you as a person feels about. Half a million children dead due to sanctions in Iraq was just fine with former Secretary of state Madeleine Albright. Libya, Syria and Yemen is only the latest examples of the horrible consequences of Western Imperialism. It seems there is only beautiful babies in Syria when Assad is doing the killing. When the US is killing them in Iraq, Syria or helping the Saudis kill and starve them in Yemen it’s juuust fucking fine!

US is the LAST country on EARTH with ANY moral high ground for unilateral action. It has to be through the UNSC and the rest of the world has to hold all parties accountable. The Libya resolution (no-fly-zone over Benghazi) explicitly said it was NOT a mandate for regime change.. but soon enough NATO ran with it all the way to Tripoli. The Civil war in Syria would not have even started if USA told it’s vassals in the region to STAND DOWN! But no, instead CIA poured gasoline on the fire. We know the US via CIA has been trying to overthrow the government of Syria since the 50ties and this time it’s no different. If you can’t do anything good then stay THA FUCK HOME!

John Kerry: Arab Countries Have Offered To Pay The Bill For Syria War