I’m not defending the WaPo even though I used to work for them.
Alfred Alfie Norris

Sure financial ties must be investigated, but then you also have to do that to tons of other foreign actors and states. There is much more evidence of collusion with say Saudi-Arabia and when we talk about Foreign state influence Russia is way down on the list (Hellooo Israel).

The main narrative being pushed however is that Russia, through Wikileaks, somehow undermined democracy by giving the public a chance to read what the DNC was actually doing behind the scenes and Hillary Clinton's own words.

This is just a ploy to distract people as the DNC is only representing their 0.1% donors and they want to keep screwing you over. I encourage all nations and whistle-blowers on this planet to leak everything they have. Perhaps then We the People will be informed enough to make good choices at the ballot box..

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