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This article documents the design logic for a script which creates furniture designs customised for a person using their genetic information.

It was developed as part of Genomelink Hackathon. Read more about that here.


The design is a script that accepts inputs from users and uses an internal algorithm to create vector drawings which can be used to make the design from plywood. The fabricated pieces interlock into each other and can be assembled easily.

You can read more about the fabrication process here.

The design process starts by setting a rough framework of the desired output, understanding the…

I was working on a project recently and was trying to build a smart contract to be deployed from the client side. The idea was to allow people to upload ride requests (and any kind of purchase requests really) as smart-contracts on an Ethereum network. Anyone could bid on it and the owner can then pick who he wants to make the purchase from. The transactions happens in ethers and weis and everyone is required to make deposits as guarantees to get involved.

There are a bunch of ways you could do this. You could trust everyone using your service…

This is continuation of a previous article. which you can read at:

I tried to describe the idea of developing an evaluation system to build consensus in a previous article. The task of this system is to provide direction to a group of people who are engaged in any endeavor based on a topic. At the heart of such evaluation systems sits the rationale for evaluating the contributions of its participants.

Sometimes the rationale maybe based on unpredictable events, such as weather or random number generation. Funny as it may seem this was widely prevalent before the advent of…

What is ‘good’ work?

When I mean ‘work’, I am trying to suggest the result of any human effort be it a product, or an idea, a service or contribution to some existing work.

How do we define something that is ‘great’, and what distinguishes it from being ‘bad’ or ‘mediocre’? Is a ‘good’ work also a successful work and vice-versa?

Within a certain field the task of evaluating work to incentivize and disincentivize the quality of work is crucial as it influences the future of further work that would be generated in that field. …

O-LAP is an open-source community run platform for designers to experiment with parametric furniture design.

It is part exploration into a new way in thinking and working with design.
Designers create parametric furniture designs as plugins into the framework.
Registered designs gets displayed in the gallery.
Users can view the designs from the gallery and customize it based on the customization enabled by the designer.
The framework lets users extract CAD drawings which can be used to fabricate the design using a Computer Numerically Controlled(CNC) cutting machine.
The community moderates the design collection. …

This guide will help you create a piece of parametric furniture. Check out one of the designs from our gallery to find one you like. You can read more about the project here.

This tutorial assumes that you have an understanding of Javascript, Git (basics) and ThreeJS. (It’s good enough if you have just about worked with them once).

Let’s get started.

Getting set up

Get the starter project by cloning The starter_project has files in place to let you run and test your design in a development environment. …

Treat Yourself!
We as human beings are all one of a kind. We may have similar tastes, but deep within, we are different. Certain parameters define us and we work towards achieving those parameters. We shape our every need to suit these set guidelines because ultimately, it is this that defines us.
You know, when you’re both sad and looking for an excuse to uplift your spirits or whether you’re ecstatic and you wish to add to your joy, you decide to treat yourself. It may be that perfectly well fitted dress or that handbag you’ve always craved for. It may…

The Probable Future, Damage and solution

This is a continuation to my previous article.

What if you could build all that you wanted, download the object to your machine and within a few minutes it is ready to use. You could even customise it for your own needs.
We have already started with a very nascent level of customisation where we add our names/identities on to objects. (Mobile phone covers with names/photographs printed on them). Although this is not the best example to rate our progress in the direction of mass customisation.

What makes us tick..

As designers, what do we have that other people lack?
To answer this question, I am going to get down to the very basics. We as designers have vision. We have the ability to perceive something even before it exists. Therefore, what you have in your mind, we have the ability to draw up in reality. That is what distinguishes us from the remaining folk. I think designers as such, should be categorized as a species by themselves, for there isn’t anyone like us. In fact, you rarely if ever find the exact same designers within themselves too. We’re all…

The joy of making

When was the last time you made something? Anything? A birthday card? A painting? A model? A poem? A song? When was the last time you expressed yourself? In any manner?
Why have we become so accustomed to adjusting for whatever is out there? Why not venture out and do something about it? Why have we built walls around ourselves and confined ourselves to only look through the window?

Change your perspective. Go out there and explore. If you’re unhappy about something, change it.

Write down what’s eating inside within you. You never know how many people are bottled…


Open-source community for parametric furniture designs.

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