Hassle-Free Steps To Installing Windows on Mac

Fix for Boot Camp Error: Windows Support Software Could Not Be Saved To The Selected Drive

If you have tried installing Windows on Mac via Boot Camp but comes up with one error after the other (much as I experienced), this short article is for thee.

After using VMware Fusion for almost 18 months, I was beginning to get dissatisfied with its performance; my VM runs Visual Studio, SQL Server and other Microsoft Stack. I decided to dual boot so I can free up more hardware resources to be used so as to have more enjoyable experience while programming on Windows. By the way, I haven’t seen a better IDE than Visual Studio and this is the major thing that I missed in Windows which caused me to want to dual-boot.

The major errors I encountered were:

  • Windows Support Software Could Not Be Saved To The Selected Drive
  • Your disk could not be partitioned

First, solve the “Your disk could not be partitioned”. To do this shut-down your Mac. Turn it on and then immediately hold down Command + S to enter Single User Mode. Now, type in the following code into the command prompt interface: /sbin/fsck -fy

Press ENTER and allow the command to check and repair inconsistencies in the hard drive that might prevent you from partitioning it. Once that is done, type reboot in the Terminal and press Enter.

After fixing that, proceed to do the following:

  • Boot into Safe Mode on OSX and format the USB drive (preferably 8GB or above) using MS DOS(FAT)
  • Restart your Macintosh to normal mode.
  • Put the Windows ISO image on the Desktop on your Mac; don’t leave it in any other directory or external storage. I don’t know why but this caused me serious headache until I did this.
  • Remove any other storage or drive plugged into your USB ports leaving only the USB drive you intended to use.
  • Ensure you have up to 60GB or more in free space on your Mac
  • Start BootCamp Assistant
  • Select all the three Options
  • Follow the BootCamp Assistance guide until you get to…
  • Wait until the Supporting Drivers have been fully downloaded. It took my Mac over 25 mins to finish this process.
  • Create a Partition for Windows. If BootCamp gets to this stage, then you are good to go. You can now continue on your own…
  • The rest is simple…

Hope this little guide helps. I tried installing Windows on BootCamp more than 8 times before I succeeded. This little guide detailed the steps I took to get it done.

Enjoy your new Windows environment.

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