Last week i saw a feed on my face book wall that showed that Akinwande 'WandeChris' Adegbola just wrote his first post via Medium. I gave it a quick look and off i went.

Fast forward to this morning, i decided to do something new. I will be trying my hands on this blogging platform. I recall 5 years ago when i started blogging first on Blogger, and then later moved to Wordpress . I have learnt a couple of tricks about writing, blogging and social media as a whole. My journey into blogging and social media will not be complete without the training, guidance, encouragements, and mentorship gotten from my great network of friends from around the world — Peter Casier, Marina, Nawsheen, Emmie Kio, Bunmi Ajilore, Marymartha, Tosin ‘Executive Farm Girl’ Awoyinka, Codrin, Majid, and a whole lot of others.

I hope to medium to share more of my day to day encounter in my work in the Ag sector. I will do personal analysis of my interactions with farmers,stakeholders, my farming activities and a whole loads of other stuff. As i do this , i will also flash back to my 3 years of career experience so far and draw lessons.

It is all about trying something new , learning and sharing..Welcome to 2016

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