Andela Bootcamp Day 4 — So Far

“Now am coping with with the stress”, my body is adapting gradually, better than the first three days at andela. This last few days with andela had been a very wonderful experience for me. Have learnt what it means to worked all day trying to solve just one problem without thinking of food. This is what burning with passion for something really means.

The day started with me trying to figure out how to solve the Binary Search program task and how my html/css task design will look like. After spending hours trying to solve the binary search task, still not passing one of the test cases, I had to pause it to move to the html/css task still not a hint on what my design will look like. Finally I made up my mind to work on a page about my andela boot-camper’s group (group 5), which comprises of 11 boot-campers and one facilitator.

Feedback; yet another feedback again from my facilitator about our last task, hmmm!(plenty of errors from my last task), After gotten the feedback from him and I put on hold what i was doing and made necessary correction as related to the feedback.

Now back to the day tasks, still, my binary search code refuse to pass all the test cases, even after making some manipulation to the code still not passing. This has made me to realized that it is not just about writing code to solve a particular sample, but it is about writing a generalize code that will solve all cases as related to that problem which is why my code has been running into error.

Hmmm, Sweet end, just like for every movies there will always be a happy ending, finally I got it right, today is the last day of the home learning part of the boot-camp. A very big happy ending to me.

#GoForPassion, #GoForFeedback, #GoForGrowthMindset, #GoForCollaboration.