Feedback — My Experience

Some weeks back, I was working on a particular android application project, it is an application through which people can make orders for petrol or diesel, it will notify the nearby “tankfiller” dealer when people make orders and it will also send a confirmation via email and sms to the customer making the order. After weeks of stress and labor developing the application, I sent the application to my friend with good experience so that I can get his feedback on it. In his feedback, he complained about the GUI, colour combination, map location error, application not rendering correctly on his device and several alert messages on the application. Before then my thought was to complete the application before working on the GUI, but with the feedback I got from him, I then work on the GUI to make it more better, the color combination to make the application more presentable, I remove some of the unnecessary alert messages from the application, and I also work on the problem with map location session of the application and making the application to render correctly on different screen sizes and versions of android devices.

Feedback is very important as it help in getting people’s view and opinion about our work.