At exactly 8:30pm, the activities of the day initialized with an interactive session on Day-1's Food for Thought, titled, ”How do we share code in a Dev. Team?”. My class had an extensive discussion with Ikem, my instructor for Ruby programming language class. He discussed various modes of sharing codes and suggested the most effective mode to be through Version Control Systems.

He further explained the two major categories of Version Control Systems which are: Centralized Version Control Systems and Distributed Version Control Systems. He discussed extensively on how Centralized Version Control Systems is a client-server based control system which requires storage, sharing and usage of software data over the network through an online central repository, as opposed to the Distributed Version Control System which allows team members to share data locally and store data individually on their local systems.

Through the discussion, I got enlightened about ‘Git’ as a Distributed Version Control system and it’s relationship with the web wrapper popularly known as GitHub. My Ruby classmates and I had an interactive session with Ikem and He concluded the session by suggesting an online platform called “Try Git” to the entire class for a 15-min Git training. I had quite a smooth training which provided me a basic understanding of popularly used git commands.

After the short training, we were introduced to ‘’, an online learning site which entails audio-visual learning resources. The entire class was instructed to learn Git on the site and practice the exercises. I enjoyed using the ‘Git’ commands to share my excercises on ‘GitHub’.

At lunch time, varieties of delicious-looking meals and diced fruits were provided. I had a great time discussing the previous sessions with my fellow boot campers. We had constructive arguments, suggestions, online research, clarifications and convictions, most especially on Git Version Control and GitHub Website.

Finally, my ruby classmates and I continued the Ruby training on codecademy website. Our progress were recorded and at 5:30pm, the class ended.

This experience has added to my knowledge and skills as I was able to share my exercises on ‘Github’ online public repository through ‘Git Bash’, a command line interface tool for executing git commands. It has also provided me an opportunity to interact with my class members and share insights with one another.

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