The day started with warm ups and an exercise whereby each individual identifies an object that hasn’t been identified by others…..interesting session we had!!

Ikem, the awesome Ruby class instructor notified the class to complete three lab-exercises for “reverse string”, “word count” and “data types”. The lab sessions were one of the most challenging and thought provoking situations I’ve been in, in a long while (…got what I wanted right?…Yeah!). “My tests refused to pass oooo”…….until it eventually did. During the most interesting situations (**passing labs tests**) of my day in Bootcamp, lunch was served to all and …yeah!… Andela knows how to treat Boot campers right!

I got more enlightened on Proc and Lambda(Question-> “Whats re those?”, Answer-> “Blocks in Ruby language for generating outputs of an expression within a Block”). Specifically, Ezumezu, a fellow boot camper asked questions on comparison between Proc and Lambda blocks, how they are implemented and how “yield” works. I got to understand from the answers provided that “yield” is a statement used to call a function within a block…yeah! like this:

#a method named “hello”
def hello
#yield is the only statement within the hello method
#end…u know..ends the statement
#the method “hello” is called here using the “yield” statement to generate outputs within the block, “puts” is used to output the string “Hello, Yemi!”…understood?….yeah!
hello { puts “Hello, Yemi!” }

I and my fellow boot campers had a Q and A forum with our rock star instructor, Ikem and the super-smart fellow,Oscar, where we were allowed to ask anything we wanted (about Ruby Language). We worked more on applying these blocks in our functions(methods) through series of examples taught by the Boss himself, Ikem . 

The remaining part of the day had boot campers getting their hands busy with coding, debugging…..debugging…..debugging…..and debugging till the class session officially ended at 5:30 pm.

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