Adaptability: Key For Survival

There has been a lot of debates, conferences and researches to examine, define and emphasize the importance of “adaptation” in various contexts. It was a word that was most sought after in my ‘biology’ class back in high school. I will highlight the items i want to discuss and present them in the form of a question for better understanding and how it applies to me in current focus.

What is Adaptability?


Adaptability as the name implies is coined from two words: adaptation and ability. Adaptation can simply be defined as the process or positive change an organism, thing or entity undergo when it encounters a new environment or state that differs from the initial/original state. Ability is the possession of skill or means to do something. From the definitions given above, we can make the following deductions:

(1) Not all changes necessitates the need to adapt

(2) Organisms, things or entities in a new environment or state may react positively or negatively to the new state

(3) In order to effect adaptation, the means i.e ability is required

In simple terms, “adaptability” can then be defined as the ability to change when the need arises. I am adaptive in my intellect which i must say has brought me this far on my journey into the world of computer programming. I graduated with Bsc. Microbiology from University of Ilorin which represents my “initial state” in this context. All efforts to acquire a job with my certificate failed, then, i decided to go after other means to “survive” — survival being the key word here. After an intensive deliberation, i took it upon myself to learn programming: i wanted something very difficult. I refer to my inlaw who is a Senior Developer at Airtel for help and support. Computer programming is the new state in this context and for me to learn this successfully, there is a need for intensive adaptation as my initial state (Microbiology) differs greatly if not totally from the desired new state (Computer programming).

How Adaptation relates to Andela’s Bootcamp environment?

Before i came for Andela’s bootcamp, i have never worked with NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux; or use test driven development (TDD). I saw it as a challenge at first but, then, became an avenue to learn new things. I had to initiate my “adaptation procedures” i used to learn languages such as c#, Java; frameworks such as ASP.NET, CodeIgniter among others. I worked day and night in order for me to understand and sync the new features: Eslint, git conventions, npm package installer, babel, Webpack , Express server, styles, conventions required by Andela’s environment. I had to devote a lot of time to read and learn about the new environment. I must say it’s been fun although adaptation always takes its toll but the “can do spirit” has always been my motto.

Any Limits to Adaptation?

Some of the limits have experienced so far include, allocation of more time in order to allow the adaptation process to fully develop and take its due course, more tutorials and documents should be made available for absolute beginners.

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