My Experience In Bootcamp so far

My experience in bootcamp so far has been explorative, educational and developmental.

Explorative in what sense?

The challanges and expected outcomes for each day has driven me to explore a vast number of resources ranging from electronic documents, assigned facilitators, peers, more-learned developers etc. It has taught me to sieve out only important features from these numerous resources and apply it. E-sources i have explored include, stackoverflow, github and allitebooks among others. Also, i have learnt that more than one method/technique exist to perform a task or execute a feature, as a result extensive research needs to be made in order to select the preferred and right method to use.

How has it been Educational?

Experience have had so far in bootcamp , in just two days has been massive. I will like to use this opportunity to appreciate my facilitator (LFA), Nelson. He has been a great teacher, brother and supporter so far. Each time i go to him, he’s always there to help: not only will he explain but he will also provide necessary links to tutorials and documents to help me understand and solve my problem. I have learnt how to use sequelize as an ORM for my database-NodeJs communication, Express for my server framework, how to create models, controllers, routes using Es6 javascript and lots more.

How has it been developmental?

Feedback from my facilitator has improved my coding skills and outward presentation. Each time am to complete an outcome or challange, i go through all previous feedback to see if i have made no such repetitions. It has resulted in my self-reflection, overall growth and development.

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