A Letter To The One That Brings Me Smile

I have been on this for hours, your thought won’t allow me be. My write up has been ruffled, my unfinished love letter to you, has remained placed on my memory, with it taken large percentage of memory space. Let it be done, my love must hear this.

If the world would end tomorrow, with you will is where I want to be. When the sun rises, beside you will I want to see it rise and set.

Life has been hard on me, but being with you gives me joy and relieves me of the problems that accompanies the world.

Its so amazing you let me into your life, being with you is the best feeling I have l ever felt,with you is what I want.

When I am around you, peace swirl round me bringing a moment of tranquil and joy.

You climb I climb, you fall I fall, you swim the deepest sea I swim with you, because with you is where I want to be, as paradise ain’t far away from me when around you.

I fall apart without you, things that makes don’t make sense about me, makes sense when I am with you. I want to hold your hand, kiss your lips, stay close to you and share the same bed with you forever.

I want a life of not fairytale, what I want is a life of you, a life where I want to feel wanted, because with you life is worthwhile and makes sense.

Your love is what makes me, keeps me alive, keeps me going and send me to the inner most part of me during the day.

Beside you is where I want to be and what I want.

Forever and For always my Love.

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