China showcase of it first Passenger Aircraft is a slap on African States

We are currently not serious. 
Though not that we had ever been a sane continent to think of it.

China in the 20th century with many African independent countries were at the same level in terms of economic, science, social and technological developments, but today, it is a different story, and while China, a non-religious country, is the world largest economy nation, producing consumable and non-consumable products for the world, her friend, Africa has remained in a comatose and, far worst than it was under colonial administration.

Their consensus of barbarism, kleptocracy and knack for backwardism and celebration of mediocrities, shows a continent still living in the dark ages, preferring to share space with nonentities and corrupt personified individuals that have held the continent on the jugular for it personal gain, so that development will always be a mirage to it burgeoning populace.

While the real human beings celebrate breakthrough in science and every facets of life, Africa has decided to remain with an unexisting deity that has made it more foolish and useless, also blaming colonial masters and it forefathers for it repugnant state.

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