Mama said Alhaji will get us out of poverty

Business hasn’t good, hunger is rife at home and mama looks worried about her inability to feed the family, since the beginning of this year.

You see mama, has been taking care of the family since papa died, and she did this through her beer parlour business, a business once the source of our livelihood just stopped bringing in money, thus living us in a very bad economic shape.

It all began early this year when mama business collapsed, which subsequently placed the family on a state of indigent, in which money became hard to get, making commodities, especially foodstuffs hard to come by. It just seem people stopped drinking for a no reason.

Even during Eid-el-Fitri, it was groundnuts and garri that the
family had to do with, as mama, had no money to buy food for the family to celebrate it.

Everything was just stagnant, things became hard and even my prayers seem not to work anymore.

A particular night, mama came to my room, while sleeping, Woke me up and told me about a plan in getting us out of the poverty, a plan in which we will get food. Mama said, I will have to marry a rich man, a wealthy man who is going to take us out of penury and feed us, as mama said she knows no way in getting money to feed us.

Mama, also said the man has four wives, and which I am going to become the fifth wife of the wealthy man. I first rebuffed, but mama said, its for the greater good, all as a means to get myself and the family out of poverty.

This was told to me, by mama in June and now I am two month pregnant, preparing for my wedding ceremony
tomorrow (today) to Alhaji, a man that has promised to take care of me and my family.

Mama also said I may stop school, even though I am in SS3 and preparing for WASSCE. Mama said, I would have to focus on my husband and raise my child when I deliver of the baby in some few months time and others that will follow .

This is a fictional and a true life story of a teenage girl who will be getting married tomorrow, to a man three time her age.

The wedding was said to be consummated so that the poor
state of the girl family would change.

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