My Unborn Child Knew I Was Broke

Adamu John, not real name, was woken up by a tap and followed by a faint voice from his wife. It was time for the birth of his third child.

Upon opening his eyes, noticed the reason, Adamu jumped out of the bed, rushed to where he had placed his car key, forgetting that he last drove it two month ago, due to his inability to fuel his Benz 190 model, parked outside his two room rented apartment he shares with wife and two children.

Adamu’s journey, was cut short after his still sleeping memory, woke up, remembering him of an empty tank, to
which he dropped the key and hurried outside to look for a motorcycle , popularly known as Okada, to convey his about to deliver partner to the community ill-equipped health centre that is a 30 minutes walk from his rented apartment.

Adamu’s search, was cut short when he heard the cry of a baby, his wife had given birth unaided on the bed she was
lying, whilst he, the husband was busy looking for a bike to convey her to the health center for the delivery of the child.

Adamu, when spoken to by this writer, was filled with joy as he said the child knew he was broke.

"the child really helped me, she knew I was broke and just came out of my wife without any complications from her giving birth at home unaided".

Adamu’s story, sums up the life of a typical Kogi State resident and shows the continuous trend of successive
government abandonment of its people after winning election.

Kogi, is a blessed state, with said 37 mineral resources scattered across it territory, but it people are reported to be not far from the top 10 released list of Bureau of statistics on the poorest State in Nigeria, which has Sokoto, Katsina, Plateau, Kebbi, Zamfara, Bauchi, Jigawa, Ebonyi, Gombe
and Adamawa State.

From Dilapidated roads, to ill-equipped medical treatment center, education at its lowest ebb, high level of schools dropouts, rampant teenage girls pregnancy, culminating with a political and cultural differences that has
pitted the people against each other.

Itakpe Iron Ore and Ajaokuta Steel Company, if proper attention is giving to it, could well service the country
without the need of crude oil, but just as always, everything about # Nigeria is a super story. Political wrangling since the inception has bedevilled the both company, making it lost it value and being in a state of comatose, continuous abandonment and successive government failure revive the ailing companies even after spending billions of Naira on it.

Everything still buoys down to us voting in clueless, ineptitude and low level people to rule us.
We all thought a change was in the offing when Mohammedu Buhari and his band of liars, promised to diversify during campaigning and also flush out bad eggs that had refused to allow Nigeria grow into a great country.

Everything was a ruse, a “fufu” change (fake) was sold to us, as recent happening shows the present government won’t change anything, but continue milking the ordinary people to service their profligacy lifestyle and which it continuous craze for oil money won’t stop.

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