Nigeria, Going Going…

Do you think things will be better in 2019? you think Mohammedu Buhari dying will change anything or make Nigeria better? Abi part of those who still believe the next President will bring the deserve change... See, just like Goodluck Jonathan and Mohammedu Buhari, the next President in as much as he is from the very political class in Nigeria, ipso facto, also be a fantastically corrupt moron, as far as our institution is weak and can be easily trampled upon by just anybody who has money and name.

Immediate Past America President, Barack Obama, was of the opinion that Africa doesn’t need a strong leader, but a strong institution, which can stand and defend the right of the people. But as we know, reverse is the case.

We are of a country where Hedonist hold sway, believing the country belongs to them and to nobody else.

Appealing to them, believing one day, a change will surface, is a lost cause; as greed and selfishness has overridden their moral consciousness and sense of reasoning, rendering their act of empathising with the people dead.

Just like Jonathan, anyone who takes over from Buhari will also be a thief, an enabler of embezzlement, having no slight knowledge to run a big and diverse country like Nigeria, in as much as we as we have refused to learn method use by developing nations, same with having an institutions that is grossly incompetent.

The State Security Services, has been turned to a body guard unit, the police force now more of gatekeepers, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as an attack bulldogs to those in power, NASS as a gathering of rogues.

Our desire for change, quest for a saviour, after the six years ridiculous tenure of Goodluck Jonathan, took us to the door of media sold "Mr integrity", whose two years in office, has been nothing more than a disaster.

Mohammedu Buhari is a failure, and his government will continue failing. 
No one should expect anything from him, nor an inch of change, as the best thing for now, is just to sit down dey look, as electing Buhari was the biggest mistake Nigerians have ever made in the history of the country.

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