It’s An In Problem Affecting Us All

“what is called Public Opinion is based only on the individual experience or knowledge. Most public opinion results from the way public matters are presented to the people through an overwhelming impressive system of controlled information, just as religious beliefs are the result of education. The political opinion of the masses is the result of an often incredibly thorough and determined assault on the mind and soul" Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf of about what constitute Public Opinion when it pertains to the populace opinion about politics.

One funny thing about Nigerians, is the belief of “I know all”. but the truth is the Nigerian state, has been shaped and set to function in a particular way, where a selected few (elites) run our day to day life. We have been shaped in which our ability to discern quick and fast, seem to had been buried, thrown away immediately we enter the secondary socialisation circle.

A rat can easily detect where food is, than for a Nigerian to discover an ingenious and a great leader in his lifetime.

Our ability to understand our society and what should be obtainable in a society, seem to have left us for good.

Since independence, the people’s choice, had always been an imperil one. From politics, society, religion and to our private life, everything seem to be a disjointed opinions gotten from the dustbin; which is why the people of this country has always elected morons and inept individuals to govern them.

Politics in Nigeria is seen as a trade. Vying for political office is not for a purpose of serving the people, but to engage in a business in which money has to be at the central-core of transactions.

Nigerian politicians, may be dimwit, but are always witty and focus when what is to be received or gain is to be affected by a snag or when their sojourn is being threatened.

We as a people, still haven’t gotten to the stage of understanding and discerning on our own. We still allow few obnoxious people, do the thinking for us. Even with the advent of the new media, and the introduction of citizen reporting, agenda setting theory, still plays a prominent role in our day to day life.

We are still far behind arriving at our political views on our own.

Our choices, since 1960, had been pitching tent, with individuals, who have no clear cut visions, same as understanding the country’s landscape.

Most still think, they live in a period of the 18 century, the clog, still covers our face, our discernible faculty exist none and the intellectual and intelligentsia among us are always barked at by the populace who prefer to remain a stooge to the political elites than be equal to them.

Call it the use of propaganda. Call it the marvellous use of the press to subdue contrary opinions or the clamp down on dissenting views or opinions. One thing is, this present administration, seem fall into that selected few. They seem to understand how to keep people silent, even in the face of the man made recession brought along by the President Buhari himself when he ascended the throne.

The current government insensitivity to the plight of the people, could and would have raised the voice of the people against this government, but as it is, silence pervade the society, giving the government the impetus to continue in their ineffective policies that has made Nigerians witness one of the worst recession since independence.

When individuals like Bukola Saraki and some past governors, couple with Mohammedu Buhari who had had Nigeria subsidising his life, since 18 and also since when 1970s, being playing active role in Nigeria politics, start talking about anti-corruption, then you should know, something is amiss with our society. When Aisha Buhari, the wife of the clueless man at the helm of affairs, openly defend the public funds spent on her by the Nigerian High Commission in the UK, then you should know something deeply is wrong with this country.

When members of Buhari’s government, are embroil in corruption, with visible cases evidence implicating them and you then have the Commander In Chief Of Armed Forces, saying nothing, then if you have any hope left of a better Nigeria happening under Buhari, then your Brain needs resettling or memory formatting.

Bad choices, have always never been far from us since independence, thus the reason We have low-level thinking politicians besieging us.

Buhari has come and will surely one day leave, but what next? How do we get out of this mess and take our future into out hands?

As I have said, the Nigerian people seem to have problem with pitching tent an ingenious person.