One Nigeria Is Achievable

No country in the world came to be through peaceful or democratic understanding/consensus.

Nigeria case ain’t different nor will any be in near future. I see no sense in those championing the division of Nigeria by pointing to it diversity and the way it came to be.

As the country revs and move into what could be described as it most trying time, (since civil war) collective effort is needed in getting the country out of the despicable and unthinkable situations it find itself in.

We have failed to discuss, failed to sit down and have a thorough and open minded discussion on how we can reach an agreement that would quench the yearnings of all.

Nigeria problem didn't start today or did it start at the beginning of the 21st century. Not also did it start during the regime of the military dictator that institutionalised and legalise corruption couple with fraudulent activities.

The problem also didn’t and wasn’t birthed during the pre and pro independence era, but the unplanned and unthought amalgamation of people with diverse identity that was carried out by the British.

The forceful and brutal balkanization of different regions into one country, sowed the seed of disunity and thus gave birth to what is being witnessed in today British contraption.

The country itself is an aberration. It was created for the purpose of serving the interests of the Crown and its people.

It wasn’t created for the purpose of uplifting and helping the black race, but for hypocritical and selfish interests of the Europeans.

It also erred when it policies was directly undermining other regions over one.

We can still and ensure that the stupidity and crass ignorance exhibited by the British doesn't define nor shape what we intend to be or where we are going.

We must not consider the country unworkable because of the born to rule mentality of few and idiosyncratic tendency that has festered and risen beyond imagination in the hands of selected few to the detriment of millions of those inhabiting Nigeria.

I tend to like what happening because it gives us the opportunity to talk, same as providing a platform for every Nigerian; illiterate or not in contributing his own piece to how the country should be.

A lot needs to be done. More is needed. Breaking up or the balkanization of the space won't serve but definitely will work against those championing secession.

If we are to survive this, a Nigeria for all should be at the pinnacle of ushering in a new Nigeria. (abeg the name should be changed).

The country is ripe for restructuring. Restructuring in the sense that we start by flushing out Kakistocracy and kleptocracy. We need to decentralise; allow State to function more and also give them the power to tap into and also control their resources.

Do away with the State of Origin, and change it to State of Residence. Allow State to generate their electricity. Security should be at the control of the State Government and not the Federal Government, apart the military.

A special anti-corruption court should be set up as corruption is almost becoming a recognise and acceptable culture.

Also by doing away with and ensuring we don’t have low level thinking lawmakers and clowns at the National Assembly. Doing away with nonentities and corrupt personified individuals that are supervising our commonwealth.

The legislative and the Judiciary arm of government are suppose to be for the common man. They are meant to fight it battle, it lifeline and where should also be a place where it voice can be heard.
The legislature and the Judiciary in Nigeria, are basically anti-people and the country having a better future.

We need to stop listening to people like Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayodele Fayose, Nnamdi Kanu, Dino Melaye, and old-northern rogues claiming to be youths.

Any politician that doesn’t serve your interest, should be discarded and shunned.

The question we should always ask ourselves, is what has Fani-Kayode and his likes contributed to the development of Nigeria? He was once an aviation minister, what was his achievement? Same should be asked of other politicians who tend to think we are fools. What have they contributed apart from creating disunity for their selfish purposes.

Just to know, the Nigerian elites (political) are not your friend. They won’t work or are going to work for your interest, but only theres.

Apart from Lagos, (South West) no state can stand on it own if the country would be heading to becoming different independent state. It would years for any new country to get it feet. Not even the South South.

The country is need of sound minds, technocrats and those with pure and intelligent mindset that can maneuver and take the country to where it suppose to be.

Enough with the coulrophobia. 
Building a Nigeria of our dream is achievable, albeit if we can do away with the myopic and ethnic jingoistic mindsets that seems to have clouded our thinking faculty.

Nothing good should be expected in near future but comeuppance if we continue to act in the ways that will bring more problems than success.

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