Syria War: Opposition seem to enjoy this kind of Moment

In 2013 when the United Nation inspection monitoring group were arriving in Damascus, a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Ghouta happened which was lethal.

Also in September 2016, a chemical attack took place on the eve of a major conference in London, where the Syrian opposition met with its foreign donors.

Yesterday attack in Idlib that killed reported 58 people and injuring hundreds, also occurred on the eve of a major conference on Syria in Brussels that will focus on “boosting support for a lasting political resolution to the Syrian conflict.

There is a pattern of this kind deadly happening at a critical moment. The opposition seem to be gaining favourable advantage and support each time this type of attacks takes place.

Why not attack Islamic State if with chemical weapons. They had the chance to use it in Palmyra, Raqqa, but they didn’t.

The Syrian government would be stupid to attack civilians populated city with chemical weapons, knowing fully well it will generate condemnation, and also give voice and the impetus to those that are hell bent on removing Bashar Assad and the planned balkanization of Syria, which could be seen in statements credited to western leaders In which accusing fingers were pointed towards the government troops.

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