We are all victims

War, a destructive mechanism, when put in place houses a tons of dead bodies of partakers or outsiders of the conflict.

It has been known to be killer of dreams, families, communities and turning a peaceful country into a
savage state.

Even with the destructions and carnage that has always accompanied it, the world still see it as a means of settling
dispute between countries or power hungry people.

The mark left by it on it victims, whether the instigators, the fighters or those caught in between the hullabaloo, is always unprecedented and unimaginable.

Many had been sent to the oblivion, nations lost and forgotten, billions if not trillions have had their lives taken,
couple with the psychological trauma it beleaguered its victims with; it is still a force that has no rival in settling

The Syrians war, which is a one war, but has a different battle, tend to be a story that touches the heart; Perhaps nothing indicates more effectively how intense the fighting is in Syria than the daily death toll.

More than 2800000 lives lost, in a once peaceful nation used as proxy by some heartless and inhumane individuals who believe in show might and monetary gains before the human life.

North East Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, North Ukraine, Somalia, South Sudan, are all places affected and bleeding from conflict.

As they say, no Victor no vanquish, we are all victims.

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