Zuckerberg came, saw and then what?

Many have written articles on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Lagos. CNN’s Stephanie Busari’s article aptly summed it all up that Zuckerberg’s visit gave Nigerian startups a “much-needed boost.”

Now that Zuckerberg has come and gone, the real work begins.

Many local and international investors will likely look even more keenly to invest in entrepreneurs and startups in Lagos and all other cities south of the Sahara. A recent BCG report stated “Africa will have over 1.1 billion consumers by 2020 — more than the populations of Europe and North America combined.” In my view, this means within the next five years, we could witness a few unicorns out of Africa — Lagos in particular.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will write on various topics of concern that tech entrepreneurs generally treat as an afterthought. Everything ranging from entity choice and formation, IP protection, establishing co-founders, dealing with angels and VCs, how equity really works etc etc. I’ll also discuss how entrepreneurs can protect themselves at conception so they can focus on building and growing their businesses without getting burned later on.

Please stay tuned.