Next Metropolitan Police Commissioner Betting Odds: Nick Ephgrave favourite in TWO HORSE RACE with Mark Rowley!

Flag of the Metropolitan Police service
  • Nick Ephgrave is the 8/15 favourite to be the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner
  • Mark Rowley is 2/1 to win the two horse race with reports saying there are only two candidates left
  • More odds up for a variety of UK markets

Nick Ephgrave is the 8/15 favourite to be the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Nick Ephgrave leads the way in the search for a new Metropolitan Police Commissioner with odds of 8/15 to take over the role.

Bookmakers give him just over a 65% chance of taking over the vacant position after Cressida Dick’s departure back in February.

Various reports state that the role is down to the last two candidates, with Ephgrave taking on Mark Rowley for the position.

Compared to Ephgrave’s chances and judging by the odds, Rowley has a 33.3% chance of being the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Mark Rowley is 2/1 in the betting market for the big job

Mark Rowley is the other candidate the Metropolitan Police Commissioner role and bookmakers make him 2/1 to win the battle.

Rowley is a former head of counter-terrorism within the police force but left the Met in 2018.

Cressida Dick beat Rowley in 2017 for the role of Metropolitan Police Commissioner so looks like he’s got another chance to get the role again.

Further interview stages are expected over the next few weeks before a decision is made on who will take over the vacant position.

The Met Police Commissioner role is currently up for grabs and it’s down to a two horse race between Nick Ephgrave (8/15) and Mark Rowley (2/1)

Nigel Skinner — Political Betting Expert —

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