Most creative person I’ve ever seen still shits on his pants.

“Daddy! Look biii…Whoo..Pfftt…Aaooo. Ta-taaa!!”

A big plane shaped just like a wooden spoon came by, flew over the big mountain which is just like a couch, crashed to a big square tower which has no windows but for some reason quite colorful on each floor, and pilot fell from the plane. But hey, he is allright!

1 wooden spoon, 1 couch, couple of Lego bricks, an old Luke Skywalker.

Tell me a story with these elements. I’ve been working in advertising since 96, and generally known as a creative guy. But this? This is over my head.

Talking about “storytelling” huh?

My son was the second -you can guess the first, hi honey!- best thing in my life that happened by my will. Some can say that I’m a little bit “Overdad”.

But how can I not be?

He is the most creative person I’ve ever seen. His imagination is borderless. A car can be a ship. A fork can be a fish. A spoon, well you know, there is no spoon…

I ought to be his teacher as a father. But so far all I can say is, he is my biggest teacher ever. He is teaching me how to rewrite reality. How to bend the limits of “fact”. How to be happy from the silliest things, like a wet sock.

He is teaching me storytelling. He is teaching me not to “read” a bedtime story, “tell” a bedtime story.

As an adman, I’m having the most teaching years of my life since the beginning years of my career. Learning, remembering the true meaning of “creativity”.

What I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to be in advertising industry. You may be a cook, a mechanic or a doctor. Even you may not have a child to be witness. But in either way, create some time for them and for yourself. Play with them. Kindergardens are great places to see huge monsters and mountains not higher than your elbow. Let your bed become an ocean where 4 sweaters make 1 big octopus.

Teach them to teach you.

Spending time with children is never a time spent.

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