An Impassioned Case For #BernieOrBust

Ever since the first Democratic Debate and the Clinton camp’s unleashing of attacks on a surging Sanders, it has become increasingly clear that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the system that uses fear and division to limit progressive imagination. It’s a system that allows the kind of dog-whistle politics to flourish and provides the perfect breeding ground for Trump and his ardent supporters. If we don’t upend this corrupt system that keeps people at the bottom fighting each other for crumbs, even when Hillary ends up becoming the president, there will be another Trump in 2020, in 2024 and for as along as identity politics continues to exist in this country.

Neoliberal triangulation is like the valve on a pressure cooker, it from time to time releases a bit of pressure to avoid implosion. While the oppressed and disenfranchised may now be appeased by a false sense of choice under our 2 party system, they will soon break loose if the greed at the top keep pushing boundaries and testing limits like they are doing now.

Clinton is the palliative to a crisis-ridden society; Sanders and the progressive movement he inspired are the cure to an unjust economic paradigm sustained by a corrupt electoral process. Should we allow ourselves to drift down the abyss of incrementalism and await an eventual self-destruction? Or should we adopt bold visions and radical solutions to tackle the root of problems we face today? By assessing the state of the Democratic Primary up to now, I can’t help but entertain the idea of a Trump presidency, which will inevitably expedite the fallout of the current system and hopefully usher in a rebirth of core democratic values and political engagement.

Dr. King once said, “There is no time to pay for the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” Indeed, the time is now. But if Bernie failed and the establishment poster-girl Hillary prevailed, we should leave the system to its immediate implosion, which will finally bring about the vast awakening of the public so desperately needed. It’s with careful deliberation that I stand my ground on #BernieOrBust.