Hello everyone, my name is Ted, I am a married white male from the southeastern United States. I am almost 60 yrs old, I am a fundamentalist Christian who believes that most people who refer to themselves as Christians really don’t have much of a clue what the Bible actually says about most subjects. The reason for this is that I have yet to come across a “Church” that teaches “all” of what the Bible says. Church doctrine does not mean more than what the Scriptures actually say. I have spent about 49 years now studying and trying to ‘see’ better. A huge piece of knowledge in churches teachings that is dead wrong is ‘in the beginning’ (the first two chapters of the first book Genesis and in regards to what the last book, Revelation tells us). Scriptures are not about arguing with others or about hate, the Scriptures are about God and His love for us. If we as a person do not saturate our selves in God’s love so that we in turn are a light of love/caring and truth then we have no part in God and He is not in us. I have a blog that I have been doing for a few years on a Word Press site that can be easily reached at truthtroubles.com . If you would, during some of your spare time I would appreciate it if you would stop in and check out a few of the subject matters I have studied and written about. Thank you for the kindness of your time, I appreciate it.