The U.S. Army’s Tank-Destroyers Weren’t the Failure History Has Made Them Out to Be
War Is Boring

I counter with something interesting. We had a tank destroyer in Europe during the cold ware: the M60-A2 Starship was a tank destroyer for all intents and purposes. It mounted the same 152MM gun-launcher as the Sheridan had, but with a lot more armor and less speed. It used the M-60 chassis and a high tech turret system. Never deployed or used in a war, it was part of the heavy Armor and Infantry divisions of the time, to be used to blunt the expected massive Soviet tank threat. So, tank destroyers did have their day again.

Oh, and the M113 Improved TOW vehicles were also tank destroyers, if you look at them that way. They were virtually worthless for anything but firing their missiles at Soviet tanks.

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