She dishes out workout advice to people who want an arse like hers despite the fact that she has no qualifications at all in that area. Having a great arse doesn’t mean you know anything about nutrition and exercise science.
Fitness trainers, Instagram community, and other “wellness” people, we need to talk.
Pete Ross

If she encourages the masses to be fitter.

She has millions of followers for a reason.

People like her. (I’m not a follower btw)

Does she need a PhD to do squats? No.

Does she need a PhD to say “I do squats, they work for me. Try it”? No.

I’m guessing you have a wall full of Certificates.

I’d take Ms Selter’s advice over an overweight dietician every time.

I’m weird I guess, but I like my fitness ‘gurus’ to be fit.

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