Having an abortion is a woman’s choice.
Heather Nann

Male person here.

I’ve struggled with my opinion on abortion in a couple of ways.

Firstly I absolutely believe it is a female person’s right to choose but can’t get passed that I’d be gutted/devastated if I was the father. But I’d fight for her right to do it.

Secondly I worked in operating theatres as a Scrub nurse / Equipment Technician in the UK’s NHS.

Some Catholic doctors and nurses would leave the theatre but I stayed in for about three years.

I guess cleaning the machine, removing the gauze collecting sack, sending the foetus to the lab. New jars with anti-frothing cream, next please.

Finally this was all an emotional toll I wasn’t prepared to pay.

Cognitive dissonance. I was a wreck in my head getting pulled in opposite directions and nobody knew, I’m not a talker.

So I excused myself.

I left not long after. Not for this reason alone, but it was a straw, albeit not the final one.

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