War On Terror Device Illegally Implanted In Bobby D. Curtis Skull. I am both the Victim and Author Of This Article

Please Note: I, Bobby Dean Curtis, Born 9–18–1964, SSN: 436–39–7461 Am The Friend. I Describe In The Article. I Wrote It Third Person Originally But I Am The Victim.

Article I

An Illegal Hawking A.L.S Type Communication Device . . .

Retooled For The War On Terror. . .

In A Friends Head?

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist but I am almost convinced, by the evidence, that I am seeing something I am not allowed to believe in surgically implanted, lacking both medical consent or his remembrance, within a friend’s skull, who is both a United States Citizen residing near me with both of us currently living on U.S soil.

The horror of it all is I believe it more likely than not that the perpetrator’s identity is an entity associated with the Intelligence Community of the United States Government studying how the device could be a game changer in the War on Terror.

Why? . . . . . . . . .

Imagine, an Isis or Al Queda Soldier captured and released with a Hawking Communication Device originally designed for ALS patients to communicate with the outside world, now carefully disguised as tissue to avoid detection via X-Ray or Cat Scan with covert capabilities, which include the harvesting of memories such as the location of High Value Targets, Passcodes, and a wealth of other information along with the opportunity to blackmail an Isis Rebel into becoming a double agent reminiscent of the Cold War. The added value for the United States Government’s War on Terror is it includes the ability to torture the Rebel into submission by continuously popping the inner ear, in much the same way, that landing in a commercial airliner does in my ear after a high-altitude flight.

Only, torture is forbidden by International Law, United States Penal Code and every other international accord that addresses the treatment of prisoners or POW’s including the Geneva Convention.

Virtually every Civil Right guaranteed my friend has been set aside for this human experiment including the Right of Privacy, the Freedom of Speech, the Right To Due Process and others promised within the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence drafted on July 2, 1776 and ratified on July 4th.

I have confirmed through reliable sources associated with the United States Magistrates Judges office in Lafayette Louisiana that U.S Magistrate Judge, Carol Whitehurst, was forbidden by a Higher Court Order from intervening or offering assistance to my friend.

According to my sources, who spoke to me, only after I swore to protect their anonymity, the order was served and enforced by United States Marshalls, who insisted they be present in a meeting between my friend and Magistrate Judge Whitehurst in her office at the United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana, whose physical address is 800 Lafayette St #2100, Lafayette, LA 70501.

The encounter occurred in late June or July of 2016 and included a Gag Order or separate provision in the original order naming Judge Whitehurst and demanding she comply. I am currently unaware of the identity of this higher court but suspect it may be a court specifically created for addressing the Most Sensitive, Top Secret, Intelligence Matters within the United States Government rather than the traditional appellate courts presiding over district courts across the United States.

If all of this is ultimately found to be the truth of the matter, it will be the greatest abuse of power by the United States Government in recent memory. This would especially be the case if the Central Intelligence Agency played a role in all of this, sense, as far as I am unaware, the C.I.A. like the Armed Forces is forbidden by law from conducting or participating in Ops on United States Soil and even more importantly United States citizens within U.S Borders.

This is increasing becoming a world I never imagined possible except in fictional novel or movie plot rather than this non-fictional blog posting centering around the all too real life, day to day events, occurring in my friend’s world and before my very eyes. Although I have not spoken with Erin Burnett or anyone else at CNN, I have reason to believe that Ms. Burnett is also working to verify this story as well.

I will post more in the coming days as I continue my efforts to learn more and substantiate the veracity of all of this mentioned above.

Article II

The Why and What of It All

An Illegal Hawking A.L.S Type Communication Device . . . Retooled For The War On Terror. . .

With a title like this, you can imagine how reluctant I was to begin sharing my friend’s

story without others being aware of it as well apart from my disclosing it to them. In one of our discussions, he casually mentioned a friend named Christine. A few nights later, I wondered, if he inadvertently said something he had not intended to say? The following morning I asked for a simple yes or no answer to the question I was about to pose and I could not have him lie to protect anyone or misrepresent the truth to me on this or he would be on his own.

Does Christine know, and who is she, I asked, thinking I would find her in a nearby subdivision or across town. To my amazement, my friend admitted Christine Caine did know refusing to give details on how she became aware. He only said Christine Caine is an evangelist living out of state and she was aware of the device but also had a Gag Order in place like that of US Magistrate Judge Whitehurst.

After doing some quick research, I found Christine and Nick Caine along with their ministry, A21. I also discovered the Caines were based in their native Australia but spent a great deal of time in the United States.

I made contact with the ministry and asked if Christine Caine was aware of An Illegal Hawking A.L.S Type Communication Device with a functionality that would potentially make it Ideal for The War On Terror in my friend’s head? The “No Comment” instead of the denial I half expected said everything I needed by way of confirmation. In that moment, all of this became incredibly surreal for me. My skepticism went from a weak maybe, passed more likely than not and arrived at beyond a reasonable doubt.

An interesting side note I discovered in my research on Christine Caine is that even though she herself is an ordained minister and evangelist, she mentions in both her writing and

on video that Brian and Bobbie Houston the Pastors of Hillsong United. The church originated in Australia and now has a global footprint with a number of locations in the United States.

Although, it is speculation on my part, the reason I find it potentially relevant is if in fact Christine Caine confided in Brian or Bobbie Houston, the existence of An Illegal Hawking Type Communication Device in our mutual friend’s skull, then an Australian citizen would potentially be in possession of information that the United States Government might want to keep secret and within U.S borders.

At this point, I began to focus my attention on the device itself, its design, purpose and the effects on my friend’s day to day life as he described changes in both his behavior along with other out of the ordinary events that coincided with its unwelcome arrival.

To do this, I needed expertise far beyond my own technical knowledge so I began searching for someone within the technology field qualified to answer any questions I might have without being completely speculative. I soon discovered engineers, programmers and other tech types avoid conspiracy theories like the plague to ensure their own credibility. I didn’t fully understand until I asked someone why the resistance to answering what seemed to me to be simple questions requiring their expertise and was reminded of movies like Terminator and The Matrix as an example of Science Fiction can become debilitating for a career blending conspiracy and fiction with professional work environment.

It took several weeks for me to finally locate an individual I felt qualified and willing to listen. Previous experiences led me to realize I needed to mention anonymity early on in our conversation if I were to have any hope of obtaining his cooperation. To my surprise, instead of skepticism, I found the concept I laid before him actually peaked his interest provided his anonymity would be protected if in the event all of this turned out to be some elaborate hoax.

I also encouraged him to research and ask questions among his colleagues if he lacked the expertise to answer authoritatively. He promised to do so and protect my anonymity as well.

To date, our dialogue has lasted several months and moved past dozens and dozens of erroneous assumptions and conclusions to finally arrive at the core of what this technology seems to be capable of and what might seem improbable unless its relative newness means it

might not be known to the public much like the iPhone remained a mystery until its unveiling in 2007.

If I were to attempt to capture the last few months in terms of how the entire narrative and discourse unfolded, it would require several hundred pages. Rather than spend the next 400 pages in both tedious and exhaustive explanation for myself and my reader, I decided to post more than a dozen questions with Yes or No answers and a short sentence or two if necessary to explain.

1. Could a Hawking ALs Type Communication device for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease bypass the ear canal, and access that part of the brain which translates sounds into meaning?

Answer: Yes

2. Would it be possible to do the same with speech to render an almost telepathic type response?

Answer: Yes, if you removed the speaker that synthesizes Steven Hawking’s speech you would be left with exactly that, since Hawking does not use his mouth or vocal chords to respond.

3. Could the existence of such a device directly affect decisions, behavior and cause anxiety apart from what I can only describe in terms of subliminal manipulation.

Answer: Yes, both subliminal auditory and visual behavioral manipulation have been illegal for advertisers to use in the United States for decades because it works all too well.

4. Could the device within a completely healthy individual without Lou Gehrig’s disease without hearing impairment be designed to render an auditory pop originating in the ear itself much like a microphone or speaker might pop while in use. If so, could it be specifically meant to force compliance or cause agitation?

Answer: Yes, one can experience comparable distress by thumping one’s own ear lobe repeatedly.

5. Could such a device be designed to access memories as far back as one’s childhood along with embarrassing incidents long since forgotten?

Answer: No, not to my knowledge, however if such a technology were both cutting edge and top secret we would not necessarily be aware of its existence.

6. Would it be possible to affect simple decisions such as timing and destinations which are more impulsive than the thought put into a vacation or selection of jewelry or clothing for example an engagement ring?

Answer: If delivered subliminally, absolutely, since advertisers are prohibited by law from using subliminal messaging it would follow that more impulsive decisions would be easier to manipulate.

7. Could such a device be surgically installed without my friend knowing or remembering? Answer: That would be hard to imagine. Although Date Rape drugs often prevent the victim from recalling being raped repeatedly while unconscious.

8. Could the device be useful in The War on Terror?

Answer: Absolutely, if you can torture, access memories or affect behavior with or without the individual being aware of its existence, then, Yes.

9. Could such a device be disguised as tissue to avoid detection by a Cat Scan, MRI or XRay? Answer: No, not to my knowledge. If so, it would necessitate non-metallic construction and, I agree, to avoid detection, it would likely be disguised as tissue.

10. Why would an individual not speak out or seek help from Law Enforcement or Medical Doctor?

Answer: The obvious initial assumption would be some form of Paranoid Schizophrenia instead of a device assumed to not yet exist. It would then follow that a Cat Scan would do nothing but verify the original diagnosis of Mental Illness if the device were disguised in some way to avoid showing up on Medical Imaging.

11. If such a device existed and currently resided in an Individual’s head, please speculate as to the identity of the most likely perpetrator?

Answer: Private Industry would be a non-starter leaving a Lone Wolf or some Governmental Agency as most likely responsible.

12. Of the two scenarios, which is more feasible Lone Wolf or United States Governmental origination?

Answer: The funding necessary for surveillance and monitoring along with boots on the ground in close proximity to the individual would be cost prohibitive for a Lone Wolf. In essence, profitability would almost certainly be the motive of a Lone Wolf as the perpetrator much like that of Private Industry and therefore be unlikely.

Government Agency, of course, focuses on objectives and not revenue in terms of profit or loss monetarily and therefore would be the more logical of the three choices.

13. Is it possible for an individual with this device to have non-verbal conversations with others nearly identical to those we have every day verbally both in our understanding and response as opposed to someone who might be either verbally or hearing impaired? Answer: Yes, if subliminal messages as well as the popping described earlier are present then a mid-range would exist not requiring the actual physical act of hearing as opposed to those who are communicated with via sign language to understand what is being said. You must remember individuals like Hawking and former professional football player, Steve Gleason, communicate verbally every day without using their vocal chords.

Under these conditions, conversations could take place nearly identical to those we have daily with two notable exceptions. Neither person participating in the conversation could be absolutely sure or take for granted the identity of the other unless both are present. Bypassing the ear and its components would result in the absence of a distinctive audible voice making it possible for an assumed identity.

14. If such an Illegal Hawking Communication Device were present wouldn’t it be easily detected by anyone searching for a wireless signal?

Answer: Yes, while it is a given that signals can be made to appear to be routine Wireless Internet surrounding the individual in homes and businesses, the device would be easy to detect unless Military Technology used for cloaking Special Forces such as Navy Seals or Intelligence Operatives were utilized. A Seal Team’s presence in Afghanistan or other hot spots would be at great risk of detection without cloaking.

15. If all or most of the elements outlined in the previous questions provide a viable explanation to an individual as an alternative to a diagnosis of Schizophrenia or Auditory

Hallucinations, then do you think it quite feasible this device both exists and is presently residing in the brain of an individual?

Answer: Yes, in the Prototype or Beta phases of the device. The individual with the Prototype would in my opinion likely reside in the United States since the amount of surveillance and personnel required along with other technologies would make it unlikely elsewhere and impossible in third world countries or other places where combat conditions would put everyone at risk.

As you might imagine, these short questions and their answers combined with what my friend describes as his experience with such a device is quite persuasive to me personally. The Gag Order and Non-Interference Provision, which I am now convinced were issued to both United States Magistrate Judge Carol Whitehurst and Christine Caine leaves me with only one realistic conclusion with some very disturbing assumptions.

Obviously, I am convinced an Illegal Hawking A.L.S Type Communication Device is present and ultimately, one day, destined to show up in the head of an Isis or Al Qaeda Combatant. That being said, The Civil Rights guaranteed every United States Citizen within America’s borders have been set aside for what I can only describe as Government exercising the concept of The Right Of Imminent Domain on an Individual rather than Private Property standing in the path of an Interstate highway.