A month without ReSharper — Has my productivity decreased?

One month without my favorite tool

  • “Find all references” doesn’t distinguish between get;set when looking for property usage. I also found the usage listing to be buggy when moving between the entries in different files with up and down arrows on the keyboard. The window would lose focus even though I wasn't finished going through the list.
  • Bookmarks are painful to use — In ReShraper, you can quickly cycle through bookmarks by pressing CTRL + numbers 1 - 10.
  • There’s no go to interface or any way to go up the inheritance hierarchy. Pressing ALT+HOME in ReSharper would immediately take you to an interface or super class. If more than one exists, a small dialog lists them so you can quickly pick one and be on your way. This one really hurt.
  • There’s no way to view related files — If for example, you’re looking at a cshtml file and you press CTRL+ALT+F7 you'd be presented with the Controller.cs and visa-versa. If you’re looking at HTML, it would present a list of related CSS and JavaScript files.
  • There’s no ALT+INSERT equivalent to quickly create new files in solution explorer or to generate code such as constructors and properties.
  • Static analysis warning me of potential bugs and showing me dead code. One I noticed was gone immediately was being warned that I’m using nullable .Value without a .HasValue check existing.
  • Intellisense doesn’t work for items where the namespace hasn’t been imported. I found this to be especially annoying when trying to use the LINQ operators. With ReSharper, whether or not the System.Linq namespace is included, you'll get the intellisense and the using statement to go with it.
  • You cannot add parameters to an existing method. If for example, I have a method and I’d like to add a new string parameter to it from a different part of the code base where it's being called, ReSharper will simply add it whereas VS will create a new overload of that method instead.
  • F12 shows you metadata about a type instead of decompiled sources.

Some Features of Visual Studio which surprised me

  • Introducing a local variable from a highlighted code simply by pressing CTRL+.
  • Introducing a readonly field from a constructor argument.
  • Prediction of constructor argument variable names
  • You can go to the next compile time error anywhere in your solution by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F12
  • Go to implementation with CTRL+F12

Will I go back to ReSharper?




I’m old, I’m a programmer and I scoff at new frameworks, docker or whatever is popular. You won’t like me, but your boss will.

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Old Man Peabody

Old Man Peabody

I’m old, I’m a programmer and I scoff at new frameworks, docker or whatever is popular. You won’t like me, but your boss will.

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