100 MOVIES IN A YEAR: #11 Okja

I went and saw a screening of this at the New Beverly theater. I like old movie theaters; I could come up with all sorts of reasons like “they have character”, or whatever, but they all just sound like me trying to sugarcoat “I am an asshole.” Movies are almost always better in theater, the main outlier to this theory being “mediocre adult thrillers”, which are always best watch at home alone on a weekend afternoon. Taking Lives is an incredible laundry folding movie, because one second you’re contemplating your own mortality while trying to fold fitted sheets, the next you’re staring at Gena Rowlands severed head.
Okja is the kind of movie I probably would’ve had a tougher time just sitting through in one go, because at the start it honest-to-god just feels like a kid’s movie. But it’s insanely beautiful, in a way you just can’t appreciate on an eight year old TV that your then-girlfriend gave her boss fifty dollars for, so when it’s being projected on a huge screen you get to be like “Wow, this is much nicer than my TV that has the Netflix logo burned into it due to my always forgetting to turn my TV off.” You might have a tougher time watching the movie once it really embraces its status as a tale of the horrors of factory farming; you’ll be longing for the forest adventures of Okja and Mija. I love Bong Joon-Ho’s insane tonal shifts, so it was all gravy to me.