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Americans are being severely conned by their representatives. This jack wad knows how the currency works and that taxes don’t fund the government. He also knows that government spending is the only source of currency in the private sector that doesn’t require it to leverage its debt and create bubbles that are used to harvest middle-class wealth.

We send people to Washington to manage the “economy”, not the budget. They aren’t the same thing and it doesn’t take an Einstein to balance a budget if taking food away from children isn’t too low to set the bar. How much support would these cretins get from voters if the “debt” was renamed to “private sector reserves” as it should be to reflect where the money went. If anyone doesn’t understand that money has to start somewhere and end somewhere, and that taxing anything except the end is only extracting currency from the economy they are either too stupid or corrupt for public office.

The Republican end game isn’t to balance the budget or decrease the debt. They know that isn’t possible as long as we have a trade deficit. Their agenda is to neuter the federal government in any ability to be a benefit to the people beyond an imperialistic military, and thereby destroy its ability to regulate business. The people be damned and their interests along with them. If the average working stiff ever discovers the fact that the “debt” is all but meaningless and that the federal government can never fail to pay any obligation, even if it collects no taxes, there will be Republican politicians hanging from the light poles in DC.