Be Suspicious Of Everyone Who Habitually Defends The Powerful From The Weak
Caitlin Johnstone

America’s war on “terrorism” is nothing but a thinly disguised effort at exerting power and a way of perpetuating war. When a powerful force steps heavily on those with no power or influence the only option for resistance is what we define as terrorism. We should always replace terrorism with resistance in such cases, at least mentally, so our perspective isn’t skewed by words.

Even in the relatively “safe” confines of our country this is heavily practiced against the powerless. Blacks once had vibrant communities with their own economies and cultures, but that was not acceptable to the white power brokers, so public money and political pressure was exerted to break up whatever cohesive forces enabled those. We even rerouted interstate highways to destroy black business districts and divide their neighborhoods.

Now, when black people riot in protest of senseless killing of their young they are denounced as terrorists destroying “their own” neighborhoods. Nothing in those neighborhoods are any longer “theirs”, but that doesn’t alter the common narrative. They are deemed terrorists for expressing their rage against their oppressors, but white men, heavily armed and obviously racially motivated, can express their rage while maintaining their individual identity as people, not representatives of their race.

Lone gunmen shoot up schools, killing children, or random people at crowded venues and are captured alive unless they choose to end their own life, but black children, primarily male, are shot practically on sight. Am I the only one that notices that school shootings don’t occur in the more “dangerous” black or Hispanic neighborhoods? Anyone who doesn’t see a correlation between the US and Israel in this regard is blind. Overwhelming force determines right, socially, politically, and militarily, and resistance is generally considered terrorism, even when it isn’t directed at people. Stockholm syndrome?