Since my article does not address economics in general, or funding for a UBI — nor does it even…
Shelly Fagan

“But such action will require changing laws and a major revision of the tax code, which will be debated by politicians and will surely be lobbied against by every industry with a warm body in Washington DC.”

“The battle over a UBI will not be an economic or social one; it will be purely political. We are not prepared for what awaits us.”

I, perhaps mistakenly, took these to suggest that your intention is to change the tax code in some way that would “collect” funding from some source that has dollars available to tax. Approaching UBI funding this way guarantees failure and I just wanted to inject a different perspective to your methodology. What do you have to lose from watching a video presentation by a very well credentialed economist? I believe it will be self evident in its application to UBI enactment. I meant no offense. We are on the same team.

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