Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up
Michael Arnovitz

But what about the suppression, rigged primaries and stolen votes?

That’s where I stopped reading. Theories remain theories until proven, at which time they become fact. Conspiracy proven. Fact. The Democratic primary was rigged for Her Heinous, and it had been since the ’08 primary when she extracted many demands from the DNC to “purchase” her endorsement of Obama. The “fact” that such extraordinary measures had to be taken to present the appearance of her winning the nomination is only testimony to the ability of Sen. Sanders to win the general election. The “fact” that the establishment Democrats would rather see a President Trump than to win with Bernie’s platform is testimony to how corrupt and undemocratic the party actually is.

The “fact” that the GOP, when facing similar populace opposition to their chosen one, acquiesced to the will of the people says that Trump may have been given a considerable poll bump by the large number of Americans who believe that preserving the democratic process may be more important than the personalities involved. That process will allow us to deal with a President Trump in an honest and constitutional method that wouldn’t be available to us with a President Clinton should we enable/validate the corruption and suspension of the process for an expedient anointing.