Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Capitalism is a good system, as an add on to a larger socialist system that is the foundation of the society. It’s good for supplying trinkets at a low cost and giving people incentive to perform work, but it should never be allowed near our government and it should not be a requirement for basic subsistence. It must be tightly contained within a box and government should maintain guard over that box, kicking at any appendage seeking escape.

If you visit many of the “evil socialist” countries that kick our collective ass so badly in important sectors you’ll find capitalism as I described it. And, all the capitalists will be there doing business and happily taking what they can from that. The choice isn’t strictly either or. The choice is smart or stupid. America has mostly chosen stupid, which is why the conditions you so accurately describe exist. You should be cloned as a source of outrage and distributed throughout our government to give that energy to our corrupt and mostly ignorant “leadership”.

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