Toward A Science of Intentional Change
Joe Brewer

Climate change is going to seriously accelerate the need for a “designed” response to its effect, even if we don’t succeed in mitigating its causes. The resources necessary to simply hold together society while it is pummeled by weather extremes and sea level rise aren’t going to be available with our current model of funding government services via taxation of earnings. It will be necessary to acknowledge this deficiency soon and prepare for a separation of government resources from the economics of capitalism, and that means a fundamental restructuring of our concept of capital and currencies.

Even four decades after unpinning our currency from the gold standard we still operate under the misconception that all debt is undesirable and spending must be balanced with income, even if that means curtailing all benefits of government. This will have to be dispelled and a different model applied to the vast demand for infrastructure and services that climate change is going to impose upon our systems worldwide. That this transformation will likely solve some socio-economic problems now confining our economy and further accelerate demand for goods and services may well be what pushes us over the edge of no return in global warming without careful planning. Either way, there will not be a choice unless we simply submit to the collapse of society and decide that millions of deaths is collateral damage.

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