Creating fiat money doesn’t generate wealth, people do, by creating products and services, the…
Evan Nibbe

Creating fiat money doesn’t generate wealth, people do,

You are confusing wealth with value. As long as we trade and enter contracts enumerated in dollars we will need dollars. You also can’t add, or create, value if there is no currency to represent the value added. Having a warehouse full of I-Pads doesn’t add any value to the economy if no one has currency in hand to purchase them. We have a consumer based economy and sales require income, and income requires currency, which only congress can create. Business can only shuffle currency around, no matter how successful it might be. All economics hinge on one universal truth: Money must begin somewhere and end somewhere. You seem to want to achieve the end without the beginning, which is nonsense.

As soon as it becomes more reasonable to use some medium of exchange that doesn’t evaporate under pressure (e.g. a wheelbarrow full of paper to buy a loaf of bread), the dollar, and all of the wealth you have entrusted to the dollar, will cease to exist.

You just took this discussion from economics to some fantasy land complete with alternate forms of exchange (gold?) where preppers and anarchists ply their wares. If you are arguing from an anti big gubmint perspective I wish you would have stated so about 30 paragraphs ago so I wouldn’t have wasted my time thinking you might be reasonable.

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