How You Can Be Absolutely Certain That Mainstream Media Lies About Everything
Caitlin Johnstone

Denial is one of the strongest emotions in humans. It allows us to carry on our lives with all of their attending necessary trivial functions while we careen toward the abyss. The effect is most apparent when the situation is the most dire, so the worse the truth the more adamant the denial.

The nation that came to the aid of the world in the face of the horrible evil of Hitler couldn’t possibly stage a horrific terrorist event to gain public support of an agenda of war for profit, so just go shopping. That same nation couldn’t possibly have been responsible for the worst genocide in human history, so just go shopping. Neither could it have been the last holdout for enslaving an entire race of people and continue an active effort to suppress them to this day, so just go shopping.

Don’t like the nagging sensation that the economic problems of our country have a remarkable resemblance to prior situations that immediately preceded total financial collapses? Don’t trouble your mind with such nonsense and just go shopping, even if you can’t afford it. Are you concerned that our decades of ongoing war that has left much of the world destabilized and bombed back into prehistoric levels of barbarism might be leading up to the final confrontation of nuclear destruction and that we just might not be the force for good in the conflict?

I think we all know what the solution is by now, and we even have a President who’s family offers several lines of clothing and designer products to make our job even less emotionally stressful. After all, what news about the world that is available is regularly superseded by commercials in intervals of minutes, so how bad can it be? Just go shopping.

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