Sorry, Unnamed Sources=Fake News Now
Hannibal Moot

I couldn’t agree more with this. The only “source” that can be named categorically denies that any intel was compromised, but WaPo portends to have an unnamed source stating otherwise within the most tightly controlled security zone in the world? Why are the FBI and Secret Service not conducting a full scale investigation to find out who this source is and remove them? Is our “gotcha” politics now more important to America than actual security?

With seventeen “known” security agencies checking and redacting info concerning the workings of our government is there anything left that is transparent, or not a threat if disclosed? Wouldn’t such a myriad of spooks controlling what America sees and hears from within our government be a wet dream for a deep state that no one elected or even knows? If this shadow government has full access to a compliant media can we not expect a soft coup against any elected representative of the people it sees as a threat to itself?

I may be old school about my government, but I think we have problems much closer to home than Russia. I am anything but a supporter of Trump’s policies or his party, but policies and parties are meaningless if we lose democratic control of the top levels of our government. I think we are about to sleep through a constitutional crisis.

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