22 million Eligible Democratic Votes were Eliminated from the 2016 Election? Was Russia Involved?

I get the “voter fraud” ruse. The GOP has been attempting to keep voters away from the pols since the 80’s, and black voters for longer than that. The democratic process doesn’t favor them, even in “red” states if everyone could be enticed to vote (not that I want everyone voting). How did the Russians figure into this? Since the Democratic party stopped representing the working stiff it has given up hundreds of seats in state legislatures where the rules of voting are manipulated to favor the majority party as a matter of regular business. I hardly think the GOP needed help from both the DNC “and” Putin to take advantage of inept Democrats that only seem to get interested in winning when the Presidency is at stake. In fact, I’m not sure that there is a path for the Russians to manipulate the election beyond what both parties have. If such a document exists, it most likely was an observation, not a plan. Can’t we just admit that our elections are rigged without the drama of foreign actors interjected?

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