Perhaps you are overestimating the ‘populist’ sentiment.
susan carney

“If her policy goals don’t meet your requirements, I suggest you work from the ground up over the long term to bring forth some candidates who are electable to the broader population, who can speak to these issues in a way that resonates with target groups”

Progressives (which she isn’t) brought Bernie from 3% to actually winning the popular vote. That was in spite of media blackout, voter roll purges, voting machine manipulation, and outright fraud at the state level. It was to no avail within the severely corrupted Democratic party that has abandoned its working class base. The party and the Clintons are now one entity, united in their corruptions. That party made the conscious decision that preserving that corruption was more important than winning the Presidency, and they rallied around the most flawed and distrusted candidate in recent history with no other purpose than that preservation.

If Donald Trump, even with all of the reprehensible policies he is promoting, were just a bit more polished she would be struggling to get within single digits of him in the polls while Bernie still polls ahead of him by double digits. This election was mapped in detail in the ’08 primaries as payment for her endorsement of President Obama, and the establishment Democrats would rather loose the Presidency than their golden goose. They saw Bernie and his less than million dollar net worth after decades of service as a threat to their wealth that was greater than what Trump poses. The party cast a very clear vote for corruption, and is now scrambling to duck the blowback from that. For all of his shortcomings and lousy policy,

Trump didn’t subvert the democratic system to gain his nomination, and preserving that system is more important to many voters than a single President’s term. If we don’t have an honest system to work within there is no path toward what you recommend, short of revolution.