So who is going to lead this needed change?
Tim Knowles

So who is going to lead this needed change?

It’s going to have to be the people, not the parties. What Bernie did was wake people up to what they could have and what is keeping them from obtaining it. Trump’s victory was so razor thin in the states that put him over the top that had Hillary adopted any one of Bernie’s platform issues she would now be our President and I’m pretty sure that most would concede, if they were being honest, that we would now have President Bernie if some key states weren’t hijacked by Hillary’s operatives in the Dem primary.

I wouldn’t blame any candidate for not going out on the campaign trail with a pile of charts and graphs in some attempt to teach Americans economic theory. The beauty of conservative economics for Republicans is that it resonates with the people from everything they learned about their own fiscal discipline. Convincing them that the government isn’t held to the same rules for success as the issuer of the currency, not a “user” of currency as they are, is a road too long for a political campaign. I don’t care how the goals are presented as long as they win the day and the mechanics can be left to the day after the inauguration if the winner understands them.

In a way, you could say that Bernie will be the one to lead a stealth revolution, even though it’s highly unlikely he’ll be on any ticket. He’s already laid the groundwork and buyers remorse with Trump could do the rest with any left offering smart enough to emulate his platform. There’s a lot to offer to the right as well for a system not dependent upon taxation for revenue. A candidate with some populist ideas that promises to hold the line on taxation could take a lot of steam away from the GOP.

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