My keying on efficiency is not a business mind set it is the mind set of a person living is a…
Tim Knowles

They don’t stand a chance of getting implemented and even less of a chance of working.

Many economists are saying the indicators are lining up for another meltdown, perhaps in time for the 2018 elections. If that happens the people aren’t going to stand for another bail out of the top while the 99% loses everything again. We should have had some serious reform of our system, both political and economic, in ’09, but we were hoodwinked into accepting a corporate Wall St shill and regime that used the power of the fiat currency to pad the wallets of the elite that caused the crash instead of making the system work for the people.

Part of the blame for that goes to all of us for accepting what we know is a failed ideology and all of the manipulations that take place to prop it up. Those are responsible for not only our horrible income inequality, but most of the social ills that are dividing people. The populist trend that would have elected a democratic socialist if not for a totally corrupt election system, and did elect Trump in a show of populist anger, says that the people are ready for big change. It is my hope to introduce as many as possible to how our system actually works so they will understand what tools they have already available when that time comes. Nothing I have advocated for requires any major change to our core system, and only the lack of political will prevents it from being utilized.

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