That makes sense.

Retirement is not mandatory. Those who want to work until they need time off for their own funeral are welcome to do so. I would question the thought process that goes into calculating the maximum number of years one can spend in servitude to an employer as “reasonable”. Not only should they rethink aging and work, but also the meaning of life. Other, far less affluent, nations support retirees much younger than 67 and it is only because of our general attitude of worship of the corporation and wealth that we don’t lead in that direction.

We also calculate retirement benefits in such a way that weights heavily the last decade of work in the calculation. This means that every year you work beyond your peak earning you are reducing your own benefits. Also, if you look at the demographics of entrepreneurs your likely to find “retired” seniors well represented. They use the security offered by a guaranteed income to pursue ideas and dreams they have gained in their years of experience. Every year you raise the retirement age will drop many of those off the list of new business start ups.

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