I guess where I’m coming from is that they might invest in new capital equipment if there is demand…
Jay Parker (I)

The state of N.J. needs the $15 an hour minimum wage!

The NATION needs a guaranteed job program at $15 per hour with benefits that a worker can walk into by his/her own choice at any time in any place. Then the job guarantee would set the bar for employers without action from Congress. We must take away the bargaining chip that employers have in the fear of becoming homeless or falling into extreme poverty. Most of the safety net benefits paid in America are going to working people, not the perpetually unemployed.

When the Fed sets a target unemployment rate at 5% (by their very manipulated formula) and politicians blame the poor for their circumstances we get the divisions we have in our social fabric as any demographic that is last hired/first fired will be institutionally unemployed. Sadly, when all the social costs (police, schools, prisons, insurance, etc) and direct costs (safety net, health care, lower GDP) of the policy are added up they are much higher than the cost of fixing the multitude of issues with a job guarantee.

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