It took less than a day for White House’s line about Russian interference to be exposed as a farce
Aaron Rupar

When the FBI asked for the servers that were allegedly “hacked” so they could do a forensic examination of their drives the request was denied. FBI Director Comey chose not to seek a subpoena for them and, instead, took the word of the contract IT company for the DNC concerning what they contained. To date, this is the only information that all of the accusations of Russian election interference is based upon.

The IT company, CrowdStrike, is partly owned by its co-founder Dimiti Alperovitch, a rabidly anti-Russian, anti-Putin Ukrainian who also claimed that the same malware app was used in a hack on Ukrainian howitzer controls and allowed Russian forces to accurately pinpoint their locations, resulting in an 80% loss of the armament. This claim has been strongly and continually denied by both the writer of the app and the Ukrainian military, but persists as gospel truth within the US government agencies who also contracted with CrowdStrike at the time of the purported hack on the DNC. I would assume that such a contract, given the remarkable similarities with the debunked Ukrainian propaganda, was responsible for the claim that 17 US security agencies confirmed the “hack”.

From Voice of America 3–17
 FBI Director James Comey confirmed at a House Intelligence Committee hearing that his agency has an ongoing investigation into the hacks of Democratic campaign computers and into contacts between Russian operatives and Trump campaign associates. The White House says there was no collusion with Russia, and other U.S. officials have said they’ve found no proof.

As an American citizen with grandchildren that I have great hopes for I would like to think that President Trump will have the foresight to use his control of our government’s security agencies to seriously investigate why much of our nation’s top secret information is being filtered and controlled by a non-American IT firm that has roots in an anti-Russian agenda before we are marched up to the precipice of war with a nuclear superpower. We should, as Americans, also be greatly concerned that world peace, and perhaps survival, is being so casually tossed aside as an obvious political agenda of a previous administration and a failed Presidential candidate is so dominating of our foreign policy still, and I say this as a former Bernie supporter and Jill Stein voter.

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