Good grief….. You cite the following….
TX Kevin

While Republicans may not know how insurance works, you just showed that you actually don’t know how anything works. One of the largest factors driving cost increase in health care is the unpaid billing incurred by providers. Since we mandated that everyone is entitled to “care”, with no regard for their ability to pay, the unpaid billing that presents must be folded back into the system as a cost item, raising the cost of both care and premiums for insured patients. The costs will get paid, by someone, so it’s not a question of paying for someone else’s health care, as that’s automatic, but of how to best manage that payment while giving everyone “skin in the game” to their ability to pay.

The ACA is actually the more conservative approach for this reason, but that’s obviously lost on Libertarian conservatives in the mindless political dribble coming from their corrupt party leadership. We could just dig out caves in the hills where the sick could crawl to before they die, but I’m sure you’d view that as a public works project and oppose it just as vehemently. The only reason I can see for the GOP’s objection to a health care payment system first carved out by the Heritage Foundation is that it now sees the dysfunctional mentally ill as its base.

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