Don’t Let Your Mind Keep You Out of Shape

There are belief systems that are simply universal merely because they have been passed down from generations to generations over time. Contrary to popular assumption, they are not true but due to the fact that they have been around for decades, everyone accepts them without question.

One of such theories is that aging is characterized by being out of shape. There are common witticisms about aging such as ‘middle age spread’ and the pains accompanying aging.

There are plenty of photos of men around with beer guts and shirts too small to cover that weight gain associated with middle age. Moreover, you must have witnessed women wearing polyester pants suits and carrying a lot of excess weight on their thighs, hips and buttocks.

You may have seen, more often than not, that older folks appear out of shape. As the natural process of aging takes its toll on the looks, what happens is that people accept the look as a natural consequence in their mind. They accept that at some point in their life, they are bound to be out of shape. However, it is merely a myth that should not be believed by anyone. Growing older does not imply that you have to be fat. Of course, it is always recommended to start taking care of yourself and stay in shape when you are still younger so that you are exposed to fewer health problems when you are older.

But, don’t think for second that if you are older, it is too late. It is never too late to retard the process of aging of your body.

You can start anytime to change the appearance of your body. Your first step should be to stop accepting that age is an excuse, as it is only an excuse and nothing more.

It is commonly heard phrase that you can accomplish anything you set your mind on and there is no doubt about it. Your mind controls your believes, whether about life or your body.

If you accept that you are going to be out of shape, out of breadth upon exertion and feeling old for the rest of your life, then you simply will. However, if you take control of your believes, you can change your looks.

In case you are not convinced and want proof, simply do an online search of middle aged people who have successfully changed their appearance. You will discover that there are a large number of people who make the necessary decision that it is enough.

Age has no impact on a person being fat or fit. In fact, there are women who became bodybuilders in their mid-fifties. They were not in great shape when they started, but she set her mind to doing it.

Now, they may be in their 60s, 70s or even 80s, but look better than many 20 years old and they are going strong.

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