The Politics of Dog Poop and Ownership
Ezinne Ukoha

Two things:

In my community, people are expected to bring along plastic bags and “poop-scoopers” to put the shit in the bags. They can get fined if they don’t.

In winter, my neighbors used to open up their door, push their dogs out, and the dogs would shit all over my steps (adjoining townhouses).

When I eventually confronted them, it was like they never considered the possibility that other people might not want their precious pooches’ shit on their steps, or that anybody would be tired of shoveling it off.

So, they started going to the trouble of getting dressed in the mornings, and taking the dogs for a walk.

They would rarely get more than two or three houses down before the dogs would squat and shit in other neighbors’ yards, while these morons smoked their cigarettes and looked at their phones. They did not clean it up.

I phoned the Village. Then, they started picking it up — and stopped talking to me.

I don’t have to live there any more. I hope you will be able to live in a better place soon.

Second, if you are looking for work that involves writing, and potential employers might be reading your pieces here, please do some editing and proof-reading before posting.

There are a number of grammatical issues which people with an eye for detail might be unwilling to overlook.

“Grammarly” has a free trial, or I would be honored to lend an eye, if you invite me.

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